5E & Web 2.0

This past week we looked at IBL framework and objectives through the lens of the curriculum that most closely relates to the student-centered ideas of IBL — Understanding by Design model that was created by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.  The UBD backward design model and IBL abilities and understandings of inquiry, process skills and other features of inquiry blend excellently with the 5E instructional model (ttp://www.bscs.org/bscs-5e-instructional-model).  The key to incorporating all of these models is the strength provided through formative assessment.  As provided through our Topic B lesson with respect to 5# instructions model:  

“This model is a process that moves between five key features (the E’s); Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. It is important to note that the evaluate piece is ongoing in each of the other parts of the cycle (formative assessment) as well as at the end (summative assessment).”

Imperative and essential for improved student learning is the opportunity for students to reflect and realize where their strengths and weakness appear, all the while knowing that there is real opportunity for improvement while learning and experimenting.

Personally, during the last week I’ve challenged myself to be more open and daring about the Web 2.0 tools used with my students.  With the change of mindset I was able to free my planning allowing more use of interactive, Internet-based student-centered activities.  In fact, our district technology adminstrator was conducting classroom visits.  When he observed my classroom for a 20-minute section, students were actively using their laptops to collaborate creatively via ww.padlet.com and using Google doc.  The tech supervisor actually said he’d never heard of padlet before and was impressed with the student engagement.  Onward!

One thought on “5E & Web 2.0

  1. It always feels good to walk away from a day and know that students are learning! Better yet, when someone else recognizes our work! Way to go!

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