Questions, Fact, Concepts, Web Techtools… oh my!!!


Students ability to address various types of questions in pursuit of knowledge is keep to their future success regardless if they are continuing to higher education entering the workforce.  It’s a teacher’s responsibility to understand and utilize a myriad of types of questions in order to facilitate student learning.   In that pursuit there are two types of  questions, investigable and non-investigable, are important for student learning.  Despite the value of questions that are investigable questions which offer  hands on experimentation and variable manipulation, questions that do not require investigation also give students opportunities in practice research and establishing preliminary content that lead to investigation and experimentation.  Accepting this nuance has provided clarity for my planning and practice.

Another point that has become clearer to me over the past two weeks is the distinct between a fact and concept as defined under the IBL umbrella ( Facts:  Facts or definitions are isolated pieces of information. The focus is on verifiable and discrete details.  Concepts:   Concepts are over-arching ideas that clearly show the relationships between facts. They are frequently abstract. As I have come to understand it, the fact is the specific incident or detail.  


Finally, I continue to be positively overwhelmed by the vast amounts of quality, creative Web-based technology tools that can be used in the classroom for everything from  communicating and collaborating to researching and analyzing.  Web-based technology tools are perfect vehicle to “flip” the classroom and enhance student-centered approach to instruction.  Student engagement is primed, increasing their attention and focus, motivating them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promoting  meaningful learning experiences.  

If I could have one wish, I don’t think it would come as surprise to other teacher, I would wish for more time to plan and develop lessons that would incorporate more of these concepts.

One thought on “Questions, Fact, Concepts, Web Techtools… oh my!!!

  1. I agree regarding time constraints. I’m hoping that as part of the course, you are developing something that will assist you in implementing inquiry with your students. There just never seems to be time to try innovative ideas. Start with a small part of inquiry, maybe a lesson or two, and build from there.

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