ideas about scaffolding & multidisciplinary

Until this past week before viewing The Physics of Optics ( series126.html?pop=yes&pid=1414) I had a rather narrower interpretation of scaffolding and a broader interpretation of multidisciplinary.  For whatever reason, I had come to the conclusion that scaffolding of knowledge should be approached on an almost daily basis.  For example, I’d plan a daily lesson and attempt to weave scaffolding within that one day’s plan.  But, after analyzing The Physics of Optics I realized that I was limiting the benefits of scaffolding and could make a greater impact on content delivery and retention if I design the lesson to scaffold across the unit – from one lesson into the next, across the span of several days.  On that same token as I analyzed the physics lesson I also came to the conclusion that I had interpreted multidisciplinary too broadly.  In fact, as a Biology teacher, I had developed the preconceived notion that in order for me to have a multidisciplinary lesson, it could not include another science content, i.e, physics, anatomy.  I had developed the notion that interdisciplinary meant strictly science again some other content, English, history.  But, WHY NOT?!  Now, that I’ve had these two revelations I realize that I may have been limiting my and my students’ options for content development and transfer of new knowledge.

As I reflected over the past two weeks’ course work and contemplated how I could transfer it into my classroom, I remain curious about how to

One thought on “ideas about scaffolding & multidisciplinary

  1. Your thoughts are very reflective of your practice! We will be exploring assessment in the upcoming weeks but you pose interesting questions. I don’t necessarily think that inquiry is on a spectrum based on student ability, but more on a spectrum based on my goals for student learning. For example, I have been in kindergarten classes that implement inquiry based instruction,but it is scaffolded for student success.

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