u01a01 – IBL

Monday:  Hhhhmm?  Inquiry based learning?  Let’s see…I remember now.  I attended a professional development where one of the sessions provided an overview. There is something about students working in groups to develop a joint project.  And, I remember it seemed like it had a lot of different pieces.   Student-centered is at the core.  But, how is that different?  What’s the ‘inquiry’ part all about?  Ha!  Irony.

Tuesday:     IBL seems chaotic.  We are activating some prior knowledge, providing background information, defining an outcome that could involve technology, reading, teamwork, and project management.  How do I assess all of this?  How do I manage the classroom as students work in groups and accomplish tasks at varying times?

Wednesday: IBL is “dynamic,” “fluid”, “multi-faceted” Sounds great!  What’s the catch?  Why isn’t every teacher using it?

Thursday:  It’s like the scientific method.  The circle of inquiry mirrors the steps of the scientific process during an investigation.  It’s a lot like the scientific method, except let’s add opportunities for reflection and general group discussion.  This may be where I can monitor progress (assess.)